Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals
ZMax Dragway
Concord, North Carolina
September 23 - 25, 2022

Leah Pruett, driver of the Code 3 Associates Top Fuel Dragster:

●  Earned No. 8 provisional qualifying position in Q1 on Friday (3.758 ET at 316.82 mph).

●  Earned No. 11 provisional qualifying position based off Friday’s Q1 run. In Q2 on Saturday, Pruett ran 4.446 ET at 178.50 mph.

●  Secured No. 13 qualifying position in Q3 on Saturday (3.754 ET at 325.92 mph).

●  Ran a 3.796 ET at 314.39 mph in Round 1 of eliminations on Sunday, lost to Mike Salinas (3.696 ET at 331.20 mph).

●  Currently 10th in the Top Fuel championship standings, 178 points behind leader Justin Ashley.

Leah Pruett Betway NHRA Carolina Nats

Leah Pruett Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals
Leah Pruett Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals
Leah Pruett Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals
Leah Pruett Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals
Leah Pruett Betway NHRA Carolina Nationals
From Leah:

I wish we had better results to report, but I think the biggest frustration for us other than not going past the first round was that this Code 3 Associates team made bigger moves to the racecar than we’ve made all year. We asked it to have quicker speed earlier and it was just extremely nonresponsive. We went to some extreme levels from a tune-up standpoint. We were the most tuned-up we’ve been all season long. It’s not necessarily that the weather conditions called for that. We needed to find our ground zero again. We dropped a hole first round 250 feet out. It didn’t quite give us a fighting chance against (Mike) Salinas because he really threw down with the .69. For us, we’ve had to recalibrate. You would think over the course of the season, you would just continue to build on what you have. For us, there’s been a horsepower thief somewhere running rampant through our pit. Our parts look great, but the car hasn’t been responsive. The highlight is finally in the first round, we did make some mile-an-hour moves early, which we were looking for. We are a full orbit away from where we need to be. We don’t have the understanding quite yet of why, but we know what the car is asking for. The car is asking to be shoved and we’re going to have to find where that cliff is and shove it off the cliff. Our parts came back healthy, even having a cylinder out, which shows we can put some more tune-up in it. Those have been our efforts. Going into St. Louis, it’s literally going to be everything we have, and parts being ready for everything that they can give.

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