Leah and the team heads to the E3 Spark Plugs NHRA Nationals this weekend at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis (July 11-12, 2020).

After a four-month hiatus due to COVID-19, drag racing’s winningest team is focused on picking up right where they left off. Don Schumacher Racing closed out the last event (NHRA Arizona Nationals, Feb. 2020) with 347 race wins and looks forward to becoming one of the first organizations in the motorsports industry to reach the ‘350 wins’ milestone.

From Leah:

I feel like we’ve all been living the real-life motorsports version of double-dutch, waiting for the right time and circumstances, and it’s finally our turn to return. Excited would normally be the term used for the feeling I get when race week nears, but I honestly feel the more precise description is ‘ready.’  We already had a strong performing race car when the hiatus began, and this Mopar crew has taken this time to ensure that performance stays maximized. I’ve properly filled my time with various athletic activities, and attending/watching other racing, but have confirmed that nothing comes close to the sensory-impact of nitro racing. Composure within competition has been a focus of mine during this time, and there is nothing more in this world that I am looking forward to more than strapping back into our Mopar Top Fueler and chasing that Wally.

Source: Don Schumacher Racing

Photo: Larry Chen Photo