NHRA Spring Nationals
Houston Raceway Park
Houston, TX
April 22 - 24, 2022

Driver of the Dodge Power Brokers Top Fuel Dragster
Leah Pruett Top Fuel at NHRA Spring Nationals, Houston, Texas
  • Earned No. 6 provisional qualifying position in Q1 on Friday (3.719 ET at 328.54 mph).
  • Maintained No. 6 qualifying position from Q1. Pruett’s Q2 run on Saturday was a 5.966 ET at 113.26 mph.
  • Secured No. 7 qualifying position in Q3 on Saturday (3.711 ET at 329.26 mph).
  • Ran a 4.973 ET at 201.04 mph in Round 1 of eliminations on Sunday, lost to Shawn Langdon (4.774 ET at 197.48 mph).
  • Currently 13th in the Top Fuel championship standings, 249 points behind points leader Brittany Force.

From Leah:
Overall, we feel this has been a very generous weekend in the form of information that this team is accruing in order to find our window of performance. It was great to qualify seventh because there is a super tight field. We are just a couple of hundredths behind. Our challenge right now is that we backed the car up to where we thought it would get down the racetrack and it smoked in a very prime zone. I did not do a platinum job of pedaling the car. I’ve been working really hard on my reaction times and that is a huge win to be able to leave before Shawn (Langdon). In all of my 10 years of racing in Top Fuel, I’ve never been in a pedal situation like that where I pedaled it, smoked it and Shawn was ahead of me. However, I see myself at about half-track gaining on him and I’m trying to look at the distance of the finish line and how much I’m gaining on him. In my calculation process, he had gotten back ahead of me, but he wasn’t on a full pull. I couldn’t see that his parachute was out. It was a very weird anomaly of what happened to him in his lane. For me, I couldn’t get myself to pedal the car again at half-track and regain traction because it looked to me that I could already be gaining on him. It’s a testament to our Dodge Mopar parts that stayed together during the run. While it didn’t put the win lights on, between our performance and our team’s visit with NASA and their engineers, we feel very inspired seeing all of their technology and that will help our team dig a little deeper. Everyone’s head is held very high. We get to go back to four-wide racing in just a couple of days and I’m excited about that. We have a hot rod and I can’t wait to put it back on the track.

Source: True Speed Communication on behalf of Tony Stewart Racing

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